LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery 12.8V200Ah
LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery 12.8V200Ah
LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery 12.8V200Ah
LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery 12.8V200Ah

LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery 12.8V200Ah

  • Reliable, long-lasting energy storage battery
  • Drop-in replacing for lead acid battery
  • Using high quality LFP cells, with over 6000 cycles lifetime
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • 5 years product warranty, 10 years design life
LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery


Model BNP-RVT12100 BNP-RVT12200 BNP-RVT12300
Battery Type LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Battery Capacity 100Ah/1280Wh 200Ah/2560Wh 300Ah/3840Wh
Nominal Voltage 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V
Standard Charging Current 50A 50A 50A
Standard Discharging Current 50A 50A 50A
Max Continuous Charging Current 100A 100A 200A
Max Continuous Discharging Current 100A 200A 200A
Charging Voltage(V) 14.4V 14.4V 14.4V
Battery Cycle >6000 >6000 >6000
Housing material Plastic Plastic Plastic
Product Size( L*W*H ) 330*172*216mm 522*239*218mm 640*245*220mm
Net Weight 11KG 22KG 31KG
Operating Temperature -20℃~60℃ -20℃~60℃ -20℃~60℃
Bluetooth function Optional
Customizable according to customer needs



Product Advantages

  • Component: Best A-grade cells, Intelligent built-in BMS • Module: 7Ah to 300Ah, with 12V/24V variants
  • Extensibility: 4 pcs in series or 6 pcs in parallel
  • Cycle life: 6000+ times 80% DOD • Size: Drop-in replacing for lead acid battery
  • Waterproof: IP65~IP68 available
  • Reliability: Internal heating subzero available( optional )
  • Communication: Bluetooth, Real-time APP monitoring( optional )
  • Warranty: 5 years product warranty, 10 years design life
  • Certificates: UL1642, CE, IEC62619, UL1973, UN38.3, MSDS


Lithium (LiFePO4) vs Lead-Acid Batteries


Lead acid Battery
Lead-acid Battery

LiFePO4 200 2
Lithium Battery

 liefepo4Weight  Heavy weight and larger volume  Lightweight, much lighter than lead-acid battery of the same capacity
 liefepo4Weight  Have lower energy density, usually between 30-50 Wh/kg. Therefore, lead-acid batteries store less energy for the same weight  Have higher energy density, usually between 3000 Wh/kg. This means that lithium batteries can store more energy at the same weight
 liefepo4Weight  Have a short cycle life and usually have a significant capacity decrease after 300-500 charge and discharge cycles  Have a long cycle life and usually maintain good capacity after 500-2000 charge and discharge cycles
 liefepo4Weight  Charging is slower, usually taking 6-8 hours to fully charge  It charges quickly and can usually be fully charged in 1-3 hours
 liefepo4Weight  Lower initial cost, but more expensive over the long term due to their shorter lifespan and need for maintenance  The initial cost is higher, but due to their long life and high efficiency, the long-term use cost is lower


lifepo4 application 2