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About Us

Green energy changes the world,
Innovative power lights up life

Core Competitiveness

Welding-free Technical Solutions
  • Unique welding free process makes PACK simpler, and market overseas can quickly replicate and grow
  • Make full use of every battery cell, reduce disposal, achieve the longest lifecycle, and create the highest economic value
  • Solving the pain points of overseas after-sales service, is a good way for expanding market overseas
  • Self-developed intelligent BMS, unique lightning protection design, ultimate safety performance
  • Automotive grade oxygen isolation process, can effectively achieving thermal balance inside the battery pack, antivibration, and preventing thermal runaway
  • The dustproof and waterproof level reaches the highestlevel IP68, with excellent environmental adaptability
  • Intelligent heating system to cope with low temperature climate
  • Intelligent big data blockchain platform management, real-time battery SOH status, and proactive after-sales service
  • The most stringent testing standards in the industry, each project must pass at least 48 tests
Product Design System
Security and intelligent platform blockchain, Each of our batteries has an ID card
The power of big data
The power of big data

Statistics of battery pack usage data, proactive after-sales service, and improved customer service experience

Circular secondary sales
Secondary sales after recycled

The high-end lithium batteries launched by the company have a service life of about 8 years. Combined with the exchange of old for new plan (the batteries are recycled after about 2 years of use), we are promoting the resale of products and expanding profit margins.

Reasonable recycling closed
Reasonable recycling closed-loop

After the digitization, IoT, and intelligence of vehicle batteries, it is more conducive to the rational evaluation of battery data

Self-iteration guidance chain

Analyze the usage situation of different regions, and guide product development iteration

  • Intelligent Link
    Intelligent Link
  • Intelligent Evaluate
    Intelligent Evaluate
  • Real-time monitoring
 of transmission
    Real-time monitoring of transmission
  • Proactive after
sales service
    Proactive after sales service

Development History

  • 2001
    BAK group was founded
    BAK group was founded
  • 2013
    Zhengzhou BAK was founded
    Zhengzhou BAK was founded
  • 2019
    Zhengzhou BAK New Power founded
    Zhengzhou BAK New Power founded, BAK New Energy Automobile became a shareholder, signed the first agent in Feb 2020, BENHOO brand launched.
  • 2020
    Debuted at the Jiangsu International New Energy Electric Vehicle
    Debuted at the Jiangsu International New Energy Electric Vehicle and Parts Fair, and signed more than 200 national agents in 2020.
  • 2021
    Anhui BAK New Power
    Anhui BAK New Power Co., Ltd. was registered and established in March and officially put into production in June. Huangshan Hui Cultural Industry Park Development Co., Ltd. became a shareholder.
  • 2023
    Shenzhen Chuang Yi Tong Technology
    Guangdong BAK Benhoo Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2023. BAK New Power is increasing investment in R&D center and production, BAK New Power and Huizhou factory have entered a stage of rapid development.