There is a kind of EV that is very common in China, and rarely but very popular outside of China. Do you know what kind of EV it is?



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With this photo you may be clear now. Accompanied by the sound of Chinese "please pay attention, reversing! Please pay attention, reversing", this kind of EV has been on fire to many places outside of China. A lot of uncles and aunts can't get enough of it. Do a little gardening in front of your house, carry a few things, and this baby will bring you an unexpected surprise. If you do not mind, It is also possible using it to pull a few children to run around ......

Why does this EV work so well? It turns out that it's accompanied with a very good lithium battery, which is now available from BAK New Power.

Look, this is the true photo of this battery. The following picture shows the specific parameters: 60V or 72V rated voltage, working voltage can be 50V to 73V and 60V to 87V. Of course, besides tricycles and 4-wheeled EV, it can be used for other products, such as karting boats, cruise ships, and so on.

3 and 4 wheels EV battery

Now the price is super low, you can enjoy the quality of lithium battery with the price of lead acid batteries, with longer life, longer mileage, and ultra-light weight.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your computer and email our sales staff to order!