Entering the "Rainbow Country", Feeling the "City of Gold“.

The three-day Solar & Storage and the Future Energy show in Johannesburg, South Africa concluded on March 20, 2024 at the Gallagher Convention Center.

As the largest renewable energy exhibition in South Africa, The Solar & Storage and the Future Energy show 2024 in South Africa perfectly integrates traditional power generation, low-carbon innovation and renewable energy solutions, presenting visitors with advanced PV energy storage technologies while raising the importance of green energy in other industries.

BAK NEW POWER, as a global leading manufacturer of solar energy storage products, is committed to building an industry centered on the manufacturing of energy storage products.

new energy Lithium Battery exhibition

The classic 19-inch rack energy storage batteries, wall-mounted batteries and portable power supply products brought by us this time attracted exhibiting customers to visit and negotiate with us by virtue of the advantages of high quality, high safety, high cost-effectiveness and high reliability.

Our sales started in-depth discussions with the visiting customers from the aspects of product advantages, application prospects and future development of the industry.

BAK NEW POWER always adheres to the customer demand-oriented, deepen the investment in research and development, provide efficient and safe new energy solutions, and take this exhibition as an opportunity to promote the strengthening of global cooperation.

new energy Lithium Battery exhibition

BAK NEW POWER will not forget its original intention, and will strive to do a good job in every piece of energy storage products, injecting "green power" for realizing the goal of "dual-carbon", and creating a better future for renewable energy together.