BAK Battery Obtains certificate of Type Approval from China Classification Society, Opening a New Chapter of Green Navigation

Recently, BAK Battery announced that its self-developed 100Ah square lithium iron phosphate battery cell has successfully obtained the type approval certificate from China Classification Society (CCS), which is a key step in the field of new energy marine applications.

BAK Battery

The certified BAK 100Ah square lithium iron phosphate batteries have a rated energy of 320Wh, a maximum continuous charging current of 150A, a maximum continuous discharging current of 200A, a cycle life of ≥4000 times, and can operate normally within the range of -20~60°C. The batteries satisfy a number of safety standards such as UL, UN, IEC, GB/T, etc., which ensures stable power supply under complex and changing marine conditions. Power supply, mainly used in marine ancillary equipment, support offshore sightseeing, connecting, ferry and other use scenarios. BAK has always been committed to promoting global energy transition and upgrading through advanced battery technology. This certification will accelerate the application of our products in the shipping industry, help customers achieve a more efficient and environmentally friendly mode of operation, and contribute to the promotion of the innovative application of green ship technology and the high-quality development of China's shipping industry.

BAK New Powe has been deeply committed to lithium battery material innovation and process improvement, and constantly improve product performance to meet the needs of communication base stations/ telecom batteries, household energy storage, light EV batteries and other diversified fields of application.